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Welcome to the Western New York Chapter of the AOMCI Website
What is the Western New York Chapter-AOMCI?
The WNY Chapter is a chartered local Chapter of the Antique Outboard Motor Club Inc.(AOMCI), a non-profit organization dedicated to the Restoration and Preservation of Antique and Classic outboard motors.  We are a group of Outboard Motor enthusiasts who enjoy the hobby of collecting and restoring antique and classic motors. Our Chapter participates events through out the nine county Western New York region, but our membership is in no way limited by our geography as we have members from Vermont, Tennessee, Michigan, Florida, and Canada as well. Our current membership is 40+ members.
As a member of the Western New York Chapter-AOMCI, you will receive newsletters about upcoming events, as well as detailed reports on past meets. A membership is $5.00/yr.
What are some of the activities we do?


Our activities include Swap meets, Boat shows, as well as supporting and participating in various boating events throughout the Western New York region.


What else do we do?


We generally have bi-monthly meetings on the third Monday of the month @ 7:00pm. Our primary meeting site; 


The Dakota Grill

913 Roosevelt Hwy (Rt.18)

Hilton, NY 14468

allows us usage of their semi-private dining room. We usually try to cover topics to help further members projects such as but not limited to, testing coils & condensers, propeller identification and application, and parts manuals for several makes and models. Also many parts and/or motors have traded hands at our meeting thus making our meetings more like mini-meets. In addition, we may meet at other public locations such as a State/Town Park or possibly at a member's home or business were special tools and test tank may be made available. 


Where/When do meets take place?


The Chapters of AOMCI have meets all year round. In the winter months, these meets are often referred to as "Dry Meets". In the past few years, most of the dry meets I have attended, have been held at outboard repair shops and usually held on Saturday. This, coupled with the motors that members, and members from other chapters bring; often makes "Dry Meets" a great source for parts.


In late spring, summer, and early autumn, there are a fair amount of "Wet Meets" within a days drive of Western New York. These "Wet Meets" can either be formal (judged), informal (non-judged), or both. All boats must be registered and anyone participating in any Western New York Chapter organized wet meet MUST be a member of the parent organization, the AOMCI, for insurance reasons.


If interested in becoming a member of the AOMCI:

Send $70 US; Canada $85 US dollars; of Foreign $90 US dollars to:


AOMC International Headquarters

Department IN

PO Box 831

White Cloud, MN 49349


A membership to the AOMCI is for two years. Any person wishing to join a local chapter, it is required that the applicant also be a member in good standing with the AOMCI. Online @


To join the WNY Chapter, simply send $5.00 US to;


Western New York Chapter of the AOMCI

5683 Wautoma Beach Rd

HILTON, N.Y. 14468


Checks, money orders, ect. must be made payable to:



A membership in the Western New York Chapter-AOMCI is for one year from the date membership payment is received. As a member, you will receive informational Newsletters detailing upcoming events, reports describing past events, as well as a informational website. A current year T-shirt will be available for purchase as well.